What is warm cold and hot audience

What is warm cold and hot audience


You’ve heard the world sales funnel before. Cold, warm and hot audience, but what does it mean? It sorts of makes sense, but how do you apply it to your business. Let me walk you through how it works. I will show you how a complicated funnel looks like. Keep in mind, each business is unique, not all need a big funnel. It all depends on need, product and price. But at least this way, you get a good idea how it works.


Let’s start with a real-world example. This helps you understand it better from how your clients feel.

Cold audience

In the dating world, this is like seeing someone at a bar or the grocery store. You don’t know each other, so now you have to find a way to make yourself appealing enough for them to look at you, talk to you and just maybe, give you their number.

You make an introduction, strike up a conversation and get to know each other. It will most likely be short and sweet, but if you are charming enough, you will get that number.


Warm audience


Congratulations, you got their number! Well done. You have made a connection. They now recognize you. And, with giving you their phone number, you got a permission to call them. At this stage, they are by no means convinced that you are it. But they are willing to learn more. At this point, you can give them a call, and ask them out for a date.


Warmer audience


You made it to the date. If they said yes to the date they must be interested. You made it from the initial introduction, to the phone call, to the date! Your end goal of the evening, second date and maybe, just maybe a little smooch!  You don’t want to be a creeper and go for the kill early on do you? Get to know each other, learn about your date. Listen to them, engage with them. This is the time to really make them feel good while they are in your presence. Thankfully, your date went well, and you got more follow-up dates!


What is cold, warm and hot audience


Hot audience


You are dating now. It is time to be exclusive. You really like this person and for some odd reason, they like you too! You want to be exclusive. You know each other well, you’ve been on a few dates, you feel good in each other presence. Now is the time to go for the final goal. You make the evening special and tell the other person you want to be exclusive. If they say yes…you just got the sale!


Now imagine if you asked them to be exclusive the first time you meet them at the supermarket or the bar? How creepy would that be!


Let’s put the same scenario into a business sense. Let’s say you are a holistic health and nutrition coach and you are selling a workshop you made. You put your blood, sweat and tears into this workshop and you know it will help a lot of people! The problem, your future clients have no idea how amazing your product is. Let’s walk you through the stages of how to get the right client to purchase your workshop, through Facebook ads.


Cold audience


This is the introductory stage. Nobody knows who you are. The same way as dating, the best way to reach someone knew and let them get to know you better, is through seeing who you are. Yes, I’m talking through videos. It shows your personality, how you sound, and if you are an engaging speaker or a drone. Nobody wants to take a workshop from a drone (Mr. Bueller….Mr. Bueller).

You need to make a video that tells a good story. You need to address the pain points, why do they need your product and how did it help you. Here is a short example; “3 years ago I was in constant pain. Doctors didn’t know what was causing it. I didn’t sleep at night, I was overweight and had no energy. Modern medicine wasn’t helping me. They told me it was all in my head. I wasn’t willing to accept that. The doctors had given up on me. But this is my life. We only get one life to live and I was darned if I was going to give up too, so I started researching. I eventually found YOUR SOLUTION. I was skeptical at first but decided to try it. Within a week I was sleeping better and within 2 weeks the pain was gone! My joints had never felt so good, not even in my 20’s. I knew I needed to tell others, help others that are just like me. So, I created this amazing workshop to help lead you to a pain free life”

The video will have a link that leads to a website which has further information on your class that you are selling. Again, with your face on it, because they need to recognize you. A lot of people will click to find out how much it is. A few might buy right then, but most will not. They need more convincing. But with getting them to click on your ad and make the effort of going to the other website, it shows they are interested. You got their number, now it’s time to invite them to the date!


Warm audience


You got quite a bit of interest from your introductory video. Now it’s time for another video. This time where it talks more about what the class offers. What will they learn, how will they learn it, how much time will they spend per week etc? Talk about the benefits of the class and, the most important thing, you need to give them value. Give them a snippet of what the class offers. And I don’t mean a teaser, give them a full recipe or a meal plan for a week or whatever it is that is high value. This gets them hooked. They learn that if you are giving out something this great, what’s in your class must be amazing! As before, the video leads to the sales page. You will get some more that are ready to commit at this time, but again, not everyone is convinced just yet.

On the backend of things, we will target the people that originally clicked on your video link and watched a good portion of your video. With them taking the time to click and watch shows that they are interested. But they need more information. They need a little push and a reminder of you. After all, social media is an ocean of information overload. You made it to the date and told them all about you.


Some workshops need a third video for the warm audience, it depends on the price point. The higher the price is, the more convincing is needed. Let’s assume your workshop is over $500 and you need to give them an extra push. It’s time to introduce scarcity and an offer that will expire.


Warmer audience


These are people who have been with you from the beginning. They watched your introductory video, the benefit video, but they aren’t quite ready to commit yet. A third video is needed. In this video you will go deeper into the benefits, and again use your story. You must give an even bigger value. Show them what the class is really about. You have a little bit stronger call to action this time. You are ready to go exclusive, but you want to give them a little time to think about it, so you give hints. The offer expires in 48 hours, the early bird price is going up, it will go up from $497 to $697 in 2 days.

We will have a timer on the website, it will have a count down. If you gathered their email, you will send some email reminders as well. The offer is about to go away. I really would love to have you with me.

What is cold, warm and hot audience
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Hot audience


Your last video. You want to be exclusive. The offer is now, and if they don’t commit now, they probably will not in the future anyway. They were only a long for the free stuff. You will have those people that do that, but majority, will be ready to purchase. Some need more time than others. In this video you give final value and talk heavily about the benefits of the class. You talk about how the offer is about to end. They need a push, and now is the time to give it. Let’s be exclusive.

As with anything else, the offer will end, the price will go up after the 48-hour period. As a business owner you must stop at some point. But if you did this right, you should have made good 5 – 6 figures of your launch. We keep re-targeting the people who stayed with you through the videos. You’ve been dating for a while, it’s time to make the final move. They already have that connection with you, they know you, heck they might even have commitment problems, but you did a great job convincing them. They want to be with YOU!


Keep in mind, not all sales funnels are this complicated. If you are a gym owner, or medical industry such as chiropractor or a dentist, your funnel is much simpler. Some only need 1 video, some need 2, some need 7. It all depends on the product and price.

There are many ways to move people down your funnel. It can be done through webinars, email marketing, Facebook groups, live videos and more. No two businesses are the same, and each one needs a custom marketing campaign.

Now imagine, using the dating analogy how creepy it is to ask for the sale as soon as you meet someone, your cold audience. This is why most businesses fail. They go for the kill too early, end up creeping people out and never make any progress.


Don’t be creepy, establish a connection before you ask for the sale!


For more tips like this, please join my community on Facebook, it’s a supportive community for small business owners, after all, it is really hard to run a business today!

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