How to grow your personal brand on Instagram

How to grow your personal brand on Instagram


How to grow your personal brand on Instagram can be a confusing topic. You see other people use it and be successful at it. They seem magically be able to build up a relationship with you and you haven’t even meet them. They have a personality. You trust their judgement. But how do they do it, and how do you get started?

If you are starting from scratch, don’t worry. You simply have to get into a certain mindset. You must accept that for the next year or even two, you will be building up. Grinding until your fingers are sore! I will give you great tips on how to grow your personal brand on Instagram even if you have 0 followers right now.


You have to accept that you will be giving out value, advice, industry secrets or whatever it is that you can give that is valuable, for free. Not only are you giving it out for free, but without expecting anything in return. Just get started.

You need social proof before you can launch a class, product, workshop or whatever it is that you are doing. Social proof means that people look at your following, they look at your content and engagement and decide that you are someone worth listening to. Don’t forget, people are smart. They will immediately know that if you have 10K followers and 10-12 likes and no comments on your posts, that you purchased your following. Organic growth is essential when growing your personal brand. There is a time and place for purchased audience, most of the time, it’s not.

The big question is, how to grow your personal brand on Instagram?


Consistency – Recognition – Value


You need to be ruthlessly consistent. This is why I recommend planning out your content for 3 months at a time. If you can plan further out, do it. The first thing you need to do is to put together a social media content calendar (get yours free here). This helps you stay focused and be consistent.


Give Value


You are an expert at something. Share it. You don’t want to hold back. Show the world what your knowledge is and help people. Start your calendar with certain topics and stick to those. The riches are in the niches. My main topics are social media marketing, personal branding and business. They are all tied together. Yours could be nutrition health and weight loss. Or exercises to help with pain management. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be just one topic. Keep it simple and keep it focused.


Consistent and strong copy


Put together a posting schedule. That way you are always talking along the same lines the same days of the week. Mondays could be inspirational days where you post inspirational quotes. Wednesdays could be strength training days and Fridays could be engagement days. If you go live one day a week, make sure it’s the same day of the week. People like consistency, once they start following you they will expect to see you live on Tuesdays. They set time aside for it. Imagine their confusion if you go live when it suits you.

This is your copy, your headline and your content. Use it well. Don’t get into corporate mode. Write the way you talk. Remember, you are talking to people. Don’t use industry jargon or difficult to understand words. Here’s an example:

“I help feed your body mind and soul with healing energy to lift you up and empower your spirit”

What you actually do: Help people get better through nutrition, meditation and yoga. As fancy as the above sounds, nobody understands what you do. Bring it down a notch.


Consistent image


Keep your feed look the same. The same way as you have branding colors, you want to keep your brand look on your social media network the same. Instagram is the best place for this. I suggest gathering photos of yourself and post those. If you can’t afford to hire a personal branding photographer, then have someone take photos of you with their phone. Then when you can afford it, go with a professional. Start where you can.

When you consistently post photos of yourself it triggers a recognition in people’s brains. Pair those photos with a strong copy where you cover certain topics.

If you don’t have photos of yourself or ability to do so, find a different way to keep your feed consistent. Make sure the colors are similar, same design etc.

How to grow your personal brand on Instagram


Stay at the same place


Stick to the same hashtags. People need to see you about 7-9 times before you register in their minds. If your hashtag game is all over the place and you are constantly getting in front of new audience, you will never gain any traction. Sticking to the same #hashtags helps with the consistency and recognition.




Here’s what’s going to happen when you put these 4 steps into action. With putting your face to your posts people will get curious. They have seen your face before. It pops up every day on their feed, especially now that you can follow certain hashtags.

They start wondering what you have to say. They read your copy and like what they read. Before you know it, they become authentic and interested followers.

They know that every Monday you tell them what food helps with stress. Or how to prepare your lunches for the week, or whatever your topic is. They start to rely on it.

With seeing your face, they feel like they know you a little bit. Then use Instagram stories for videos. Videos are a fantastic way to let people get to know you. Nothing shows your personality better than you on video.

I hope you found value in this article on how to grow your personal brand on Instagram and if you haven’t already, join my Facebook community for small business owners. I really would love to have you!

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