Testimonial by Angie Nguyen
Vala was remarkable in creating Facebook ads for my business. She exceeded my expectations. She walked me through the entire process. The results were professional, personable, and flawless. I highly recommend her for your business!
Angie Nguyen
Vital Physical Therapy
Testimonial by Meghan Pardee
Vala did a great job at helping me reach specific target markets though social media advertising. She was a great help and did a wonderful job at helping me reach people in a way I didn't know how to on my own. Vala is definitely someone that I would recommend and use again!
Meghan Pardee
The Barre Pointe

Social media marketing

Facebook marketing

You'll be Facebook famous

Imagine reaching thousands of people within 10 miles of your business location. Imagine being able to use Facebook’s targeting power and reach your ideal client. Imagine having your ad copy approved, which can be difficult these days, especially for the health industry. Imagine being so busy that you can scale your business. Provide better for your family, and maybe, just maybe, go on a vacation!

Marketing strategy

Take your clients on a journey

I offer Facebook strategies that are unique to your business. I mix organic and paid traffic to reach clients who are ready to buy. Using this method not only reaches your ideal client, who loves you, but also lowers your ad cost. I am a strong believer in client friendly campaigns. This means we build trust, loyalty and connection with your customers. Marketing with integrity.

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I completely understand that your business is everything to you. It’s your baby, your lives work. I understand, because I am a small business owner too. I understand, because I support my family with my business too. I understand, because I do a little happy dance every time, I sign up a new client. I understand, because I know how hard you’ve worked and how important your business is to you.


Here’s what it looks like working with me:


First, we schedule a consult where we discuss your business in detail. I learn everything there is to know about your business, and what your future plans are.


Using the information, I gathered from you, I come up with a long-term strategy. Running an ad for quick gain rarely works. I come up with a strategy that gives you your investment back and then some.

I help you come up with a great offer, or if you even need one. Facebook ads is not all about discounting your service.

I help you come up with a sales strategy. How to close the leads after you get them from your ads.

After figuring out what type of campaign we are running, I create it using graphic design & copy writing. You do not need to outsource those aspects.

I instruct you if necessary, on what type of photos and videos to make, or if you are local to Golden, Co, I can come to your place and do them for you for an additional fee.

I run your ads for you using the strategy I created. I test what works and what doesn’t and optimize your ads for best results and the biggest return for you business.

Facebook marketing for small business
Let’s talk. Schedule a 30 minute free strategy call and we will discuss your needs and what direction is right for you

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