Vala Vincent

The goofy Icelander

I am born and raised in Iceland. I had no idea it was not normal to eat sheep head, horse and intestines until I moved here. I also learned that not everyone had 13 Santa Clauses, who used to be evil mischievous trolls, born to a kid eating troll mom Grýla. In our defense, we killed the kid eating troll mom off in the 90’s and sang great songs about her glorious death.

I was a 20 something year old when I moved here in 2005. I had fallen in love with Colorado a few years earlier. The nature, wildlife and the mountains. Who needs the ocean when you have mountains! Not this girl. Another thing, Colorado has 300 days of sunshine, Iceland is still waiting for the sun to pass by. I have always loved to travel, which I did through my 20’s and 30’s. I have been to a large portion of Europe, Kenya and New Zealand. I’m not sure which one is my favorite, they all have amazing memories for me. In Kenya I had offers to be purchased in exchange for dirty socks or a pen and I scared a poor old woman who thought I was the white devil (I forgot to tell you, I am very pale). Then again, on my New Zealand trip I got engaged to my now husband. Tough choice. I do know that I am extremely happy my wanderlust led me here.

vala vincent playing ukulele portrait
How I went from being a photographer to Social media & Personal branding

Sometimes life takes you on a journey

Before I was a photographer I was a corporate girl. I had a love, hate relationship with my job. I loved my co-workers, but I hated what the job was doing to me. I understood the business, I got the need for profit, and I understood why we sometimes had to be ruthless. What I didn’t understand is the lack of empathy and respect.

Fast forward, I was a mom and I decided one morning that I wanted to start a business. Photography had been a hobby of mine for years, so why not start there. Yes, sometimes I make rash decisions like this. Little did I know, life was throwing me on a path towards where I am today.

At first it was fun. I got to create again and give families precious memories of their family. It didn’t take me long to realize that if I wanted this to be a sustainable business, I had to figure something out. That’s where the learning began. I emerged myself into learning everything I could about business and marketing. I realized that social media is where the future is and where my focus should be on. I spent years learning and studying.

It didn’t take long until my studies lead me to personal branding. I immediately fell in love. An honest way to market. What more could I ask for. I hated the lack of empathy and respect corporate life had. I hated how everything was about the numbers and not about the people. I loved that I had found a way to market my business, using a method I that helped show my personality and my standards. Until one day it hit me. I should help other businesses do what I have learned.

That’s how Vala Vincent the social media marketing & personal branding agency started. I am excited to share this journey with you. I am a no-nonsense, no fluff type of girl. When I coach you on personal branding I will give you step by step guidance on what to do. Something actionable, and something that is easy to understand.