Of course the answer is yes, who wouldn’t want to get clients through social media!

You have something worth telling the world about. You are amazing at what you do and so many will benefit in a positive way if you succeed.

I want you to picture this scenario.

You went viral for some lucky reason. Maybe your post was shared and noticed, maybe a blog post or a video. Either way, you accidentally went viral!

Unfortunately, you didn’t have a strategy in place so all that extra traffic that came your way, kept on going!

Here is what you should have in place as an online entrepreneur and/or small business owner:

Multiple ways to offer people to join your list.

Engaging community where you give regular value.

Material where they will learn from you such as blog posts, videos or a podcast. This is how they build a relationship with you.

A personal brand.

For most entrepreneurs and/or small business owners, you find this scenario instead:

A post on social media from 2 months ago

No engagement.

No list.

No way to get to know you or research your knowledge through blog/video/podcast.

Inconsistent branding which leads the viewer confused if they are in the right place.

I help you take it step by step from no online visibility to becoming visible on social media with a strategy that will bring you clients.

“Vala, there really is a method to your madness”

“Vala, I love the way you are teaching! Great examples, easy to understand, and very motivating.”

“Thank you Vala! That was very inspiring lesson. Can’t wait for the next!”   

Here are some of my ideals that I go by:


Social media shouldn’t take up most of your time.

Work smarter not harder.

Keep a good balance between work and life.

Respect your audience.

Never, ever, spam your audience or use methods that go against your conscience.

Build a relationship with your audience.

Serve first and foremost.

Each client goes through a customized program that is exactly for them. Here is an example of what we do each week:


Dig deep into ideal client work. Who are they, how are they feeling, how can we use the information we gather to build a strategy that speaks to them, not at them!

Copy writing – you will learn how to write on social media, your website etc that speaks to your target audience.

Batch your work – I’m big on working smarter not harder, batching your work frees up your time to work with clients or simply go for a quick bike ride that you couldn’t before!

Build up a library of information to allow your audience to “research you”. There are multiple ways to do this and we pick one that fits your skill set the best.

Create a lead magnet that works for your target audience and the best way to get the word out.

Launch a paid campaign using Facebook ads and/or messenger bots.

How to turn your list into clients. After you build a list, it is time to turn them into clients. Again there are multiple ways to do this, we pick a route that fits you and your skill set.

Then we celebrate each time you sign up another client!


Here are some goals you might have for the future

Start a podcast

Start a YouTube channel

Get published

Become an influencer

Become a brand ambassador

Market your publication

Get more one on one clients

Launch a course

None of these can be done if you don’t have your social media strategy in order.

Here are a few things I do NOT do, if this fits what you are looking for, I am not the coach for you:

You want me to do this for you – I am not a virtual assistant, I teach you the why and how, and I recommend knowing what needs to be done, before you hire an assistant.

You want to build your audience and list no matter what – I don’t follow methods where you bug and spam your friends, family and strangers. I help you build through relationships and connection and respect.

You are looking to get rich quick – there is no such thing as get rich quick, I want you to have realistic expectations. Building a well engaged audience takes time and care. There are no shortcuts or a magic pill.

If you are on the other hand someone who is ready and wants to take their social media game to the next level, we should talk! I offer a free 30-minute session where we can discuss what your needs are, and if I’m the right person to help you get there!


While you are deciding, you can read a few more words from my clients I’ve taught through 1:1 or courses:

“Your way of teaching Vala, so relaxed, professional and well structured.”

Vala is a fantastic teacher. She is working very professional but at the same time very close to her audience”.

“Vala is social media genius, and shares her knowledge in an easy to understand way, and leads you into the magical world of bots step by step”.

“Vala knows what she is talking about, and I am glad, she figured all out for me”.

“Thank you. This made me do a perfect freebie”.