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Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is the most important factor when it comes to running a Facebook ad campaign. With Vala Vincent Consulting you get a strategist and ads manager in one. Every business is difference, and there is no one size fits all when it comes to making an online marketing plan.

Marketing strategy example:

Meet Jane, she’s an herbalist. Jane has a physical location and is looking to reach 6 figures with her business. She knows she needs more clients but doesn’t know how so she calls Vala Vincent Consulting.


We get on the phone and discuss her business in great detail. I learn that among a lot of other things, Jane likes to help people relieve stress.

Now we have a focus!

Her target audience are women in their 40’s to 50’s who like to eat organic, be in the outdoors, do yoga and read books. They shop at natural grocers and whole foods and like supporting local businesses.

Now I have a target audience.  

In the long run, Jane wants to start offering online workshops as part of her passive income strategy. But first, she needs to build up her local business.

Now we have a future goal.

Knowing all those things I am now able to direct Jane on what to do. I know she needs to focus on building a community around her business. Build up her Facebook page and email list along with offering her local service.

marketing strategy

The action plan

(keep in mind these are all hypothetical scenarios highly simplified)

I will start with directing Jane on how to build up her Facebook page. I help her come up with a social media post strategy and we will discuss if her audience is on Instagram or if she should even bother. Building up her Facebook page will allow me to re-target her followers. I know that if they follow Jane on Facebook, they already know, like and trust Jane.

The second thing I’ll do is to brainstorm with Jane where she wants to build her community. This is for her long-term plan of selling workshops online. It’s better to start now and build up as she goes. Then when she is ready to launch her workshops, I can re-target those that are within her community.

Assuming Jane has a website, I will help her install the Facebook pixel. This allows us to track who visits her website for re-targeting later.

I will help Jane come up with an idea on a freebie to offer people to join her email list. I then design it for her while she writes it up. I will instruct her where to offer the email list and push her to offer every client who comes into her store to sign up.

For her immediate profit strategy, we need to get people into her business location. I will help Jane come up with an offer that is easy to up-sell or turn people into a returning customer. Knowing how her clients think, what they like and where they are, I will create a powerful ad copy that will bring people into her business.

I will run a second ad campaign for a much lower budget where I take her social media posts and run them as an ad for a week at a time. What this does is it helps people recognize her name while she is creating value for her followers. It builds her personal brand. And helps Jane build her page and community for her long-term goal.

After going through our first month of split testing and adjusting, we now know what works and what doesn’t. Facebook has also learned about how her audience reacts.

At this point Jane has built up a good size Facebook page, email list and her website has been racking up visitors. Now, we can automate our campaign through re-targeting. We will take the information from the email list, Facebook page and Instagram followers (if we went that route) along with her website visitors and target those as custom audience.


Re-targeting means that people already know you. They have seen your posts, visited your website, received your emails or watched your videos. They know who you are. Facebook allows you to target those specifically to nurture your clients down your funnel. Before Jane knows it, she is ready to launch her workshop as she has reached her goal of 6 figures from her local business alone.


Having a great business marketing strategy is the best and fastest way to grow your business. Throwing out a Facebook ad here and there for short term gain, does very little. If you are ready to talk, I’d love to help you reach your income goals!


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