How to use Facebook to research your ideal client


How to use Facebook to research your ideal client


Facebook seems to know us better than our spouses. Have you ever been freaked out when you did a google search for something, and then see an ad for it on Facebook? I’ve been watching the TV show Chuck and I googled on my phone the Cast of Chuck. Next time I went on Facebook I had ads for converse shoes (which is what Chuck the main character wore). If you think it, Facebook knows!

You can either go offline, delete your Facebook account and search history, or you can use it to your advantage as a business owner. Facebook has this amazing tool to help you research your audience. They make their money with advertisers, and they want you to succeed. In fact, they give us a lot of tools to succeed and often, do the research for you. But that’s another article for another time.


Define your audience


One of the most important things you do as a business owner is to define your audience. Not just age and sex, but really dig into it. Where do they shop, what are their interests and behaviors? Do their psychographics! Facebook even came up with a tool for you to research this!

Here’s what you want to do. Go to your Facebook and click on Ads Manager on your left-hand side under the Explore tab.


How to use Facebook to research your ideal client


Once there, click on Audiences on the top left corner – all tools and under Plan you can find Audience insights. Select everyone on Facebook.

How to use Facebook to research your ideal client


This is where the fun starts. If you are a location-based business, you can narrow down your location. You can enter in age, gender and interests. Once you enter in a few parameters Facebook will show you where they shop and other behaviors. Let’s do an example. If you are a health coach and focus on helping women loose weight, then your base could be something like, women in United States, 40 – 55 interest, weight loss. Once you put in your basic metrics, you will learn quite a bit about your client’s behavior. You can see relationship status, education level and even job title.


How to use Facebook to research your ideal client

On top, click on page likes and you will see the top 10 categories of interests. Nonprofit organizations, clothing stores, food & beverage, health etc. You can see what pages they like. And to explore it even further you can see where they are located under Locations and their activity and device they use.

How to use Facebook to research your ideal client


So, here’s what we learned so far about our demographic:


  • Women 40-55 who like to lose weight
  • Most of them are 45-54
  • 70% of them are married and 62% have finished college
  • Most of them work in administrative services or management jobs (desk jobs).
  • Their likes and interests are paleo and clean food type of diets.
  • They like cute little boutique clothing stores like Perfect Priscilla


How powerful is that. You now know what your client’s interests are, where they shop, where they donate their money to, marital status, education level and more. Now you are ready to market. Knowing more about your ideal client means you can get better and more qualified leads with your Facebook advertisements.

Audience insights is an incredibly powerful tool that Facebook has provided us to do better customer research. Most of us build our ideal client based on ourselves, but majority of the times, we aren’t our best client. Focus on those that need you and your service.


I hope you found value in this article. If so join other small business owners in our Facebook community, we would love to have you!


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