How to get your name out there
How to get your name out there

How to get your name out there (brand recognition)? Too many small business owners fall into the trap of getting their name out there and either spend too much money or too much time.

In my opinion, for small business owners, brand recognition is dead. It used to work, but we tend to be stuck in the past. Focus your energy where it works.

Let me clarify. Getting your name out there can be anywhere between going to all the networking events and meetings to sending monthly mailers to putting your name on a bus bench.

It used to work. Now, it’s all about connection. With the changes in our world where we went from door to door sales men to Facebook haha.

Here’s what I suggest. First off, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Be like an octopus, utilize marketing efforts that work, and always have the goal of building up a community and connection. As an example:


  1. Network with your local groups and chambers. But don’t put all your effort into it. Networking works great, but if you are going to go on a one on one meeting with every single person you meet, you’ll rack up a big lunch & coffee bill with a lot of time wasted. Be selective. Instead limit yourself. 1 one on one per week.


  1. Mailers. They work in some areas, but some not. If you have a special coupon, it might work. If you are using it to get your name out there, don’t. If your demographic is 50+ do, if your demographic is 18 – 25 don’t.


  1. Bus benches. Just don’t. It’s a waste of money, let coke and Pepsi spend their money on it. They have the budget, you don’t.


  1. Magazines & directories. If the magazine is doing an article on you, yes. If you are advertising in it to get your name out there, don’t. We are very used to skim over ads. When people need to see your name at least 7 times before they recognize it, magazine ads are useless. Who reads the same magazine 7 times over haha!


  1. Community. Select a charity you want to work with. Find a cause that really matters to you. It shows your personal side, your empathy side. It’s good all around. DON’T work with them all. If you don’t care about the charity, people will see it. People are smart, they will see through you.


  1. Fairs and trade shows. Don’t be the roofer at a hand made craft show. Nobody came there to find a roofer, they came there for the hand made crafts and knickknacks. Make sure it is relevant for you and always gather leads. Offer people to be put on a mailing list. Offer something of value. Be where your audience is.


  1. Online networking (alignable and linkedin). I highly approve of this one. Just focus it. Online world is difficult to navigate as very few see your posts. Use online networking like you would offline. People are there to network on a larger scale, yet they crave the personal connection. Offer value, connect with people one on one. Offer to meet virtually, on zoom or otherwise.


  1. Social media. Build a community, join a community and always offer value. Brand recognition happens here. It works on social media because people search for it here. Not in their mail. Offer value, teach something or be there for your audience.


Build your personal brand. Keep up with the current marketing trends. Find what works for you personally. If you are stretched too thin, you will never be great at anything! Make a plan, stick with it, rinse and repeat. Success will happen when you focus on the right things.


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