How to create a social media strategy
How to create a social media strategy

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably noticed the online trend. Every business is moving towards social media. It is essential for small businesses to survive and thrive. Google has replaced the phone book, linked-in and alignable is replacing networking and Facebook and Instagram is replacing phone calls.


The only thing that still works is networking. It helps get your business going. Nothing replaces that personal touch a one on one meeting does. I highly recommend that. But once networking takes over your life, it’s time to rethink your strategy and scale back.


A good social media strategy can really expand your business in ways that you never dreamed of before. Throwing out posts on Facebook once a week with empty content such as “HEY Buy my stuff” is not a good strategy.


Step 1


Understand your audience. I preach this probably in every post, every speech, every anything I do. Knowing who you are talking to is essential. Otherwise you are wasting your breath. If you are a realtor who specializes in downtown areas, then host a group of downtown restaurant eats or what to do downtown {insert city}. Instead of market reports for {insert city}. As a home buyer I’m more interested in lifestyle around my home then market reports. One is fun, the other one is boring.

If you are chiropractor who specializes in maternity, then educational is the way to go. Run a group on how to have a healthy and happy pregnancy, or pain free pregnancy. Instead of educational on how chiropractic methods work.

Do you see the difference? With understanding your audience, you can directly address their core needs. That way you talk to your audience instead of at them.


Step 2


After mastering step 1, and only after can you decide on your social media platform. This starts with understanding your platform. Once you understand what each platform stands for, you can plan your move.

Facebook is like a highway. It’s haven for those that like to scroll. Attention spans are short. People like their information fast and cut short. Zuckerberg made the announcement that they are going back to nurture community. A place where people can come together and chat.

Confused yet? Facebook not only is a place to scroll through quickly while on the potty, but also a place to foster community. Very contradicting isn’t it?

What this means, is that your Facebook Page, or your business page has very short attention span, while your Facebook group is the hangout spot. As I mentioned in the above examples, create a group around a common interest. And use your page to get people into your group in a quick manner. Go live for 2 minutes or less on your page, while in your group, you can host a watch party for a whole hour.


Instagram is a very visual. It is a great place to build your personal brand. People use this platform to connect and network along with following their influencers. If your plan is to become an influencer, coach, author, speaker etc having a rock star Instagram account is essential.

Instagram is more like a mall. You go there to browse. You find something pretty in the display window, then go in to see if it’s made from good material (your copy writing). If that is the case, you purchase it (follow the account).

YouTube is of course your main source of videos. Who hasn’t stayed up way past their bedtime binging on cute cat videos? It is also the best place for long form content. If you have a diy, educational, instructional, entertainment style content, YouTube is your best source. As a matter of fact, the longer your show is, the better.

YouTube is very focused on keeping their viewers on YouTube. That means that they rank you by the watch time you accrue. If you have a video that is 1 minute long, and people watched 50 seconds of it and another one that is 10 minutes long and people watched 5 minutes of it. The longer video will rank higher. Even though the longer video has shorter retention rate, or 50%, it has more view time. 5 minutes vs 50 seconds.

Pinterest is a great second search engine to google. It has become intensively difficult for small businesses to rank on page 1 for google. Unless you are a location based per need business like optometrist, dentist, physician etc. For those of us who have large corporations with unlimited budgets to throw into SEO, we don’t stand a chance. That’s where Pinterest comes in.

People use Pinterest to search for things like recipes, clothing ideas, hair styles, interior design decoration ideas, crafts, business templates and more. They search and use it for inspiration. Which means that you should pin your content with a link back to your articles, YouTube shows and website. Even pin an invitation to your Facebook group. Pair that with pinning other people’s stuff, because, life isn’t just about you. You can then join group boards to increase visibility to your content.

Linked-in Don’t underestimate the power of Linked-in. Especially if you are in the b2b industry. Find and friend your target client (remember step 1, knowing who your audience is), then give constant value. Offer tips, write articles, share motivational quotes and after building up a connection, private message and offer up a strategy call.

Alignable is another great networking tool. I am a total introvert. I shudder at the thought of going to large networking events. I understand why they are important, but I hate it. I do much better in a one on one situation. I use Alignable to connect with other local businesses and invite them out for coffee. It’s a great way to network on a more personal note. Make a goal for how many you can meet up with each month. Don’t make your coffee dates over run your schedule.


Step 3


Automate. You aren’t an octopus who never sleeps. You need to have a nice social media strategy, but in the same time you can’t wear yourself out. Start with one platform, automate then expand. What I mean with automate is to find a software like Planoly to auto post your content. This also means you must plan out your content for the next 30-90 days. It really takes a weight off your shoulders. Pre-planning, batch work is essential in these days. Start where you can!

Since you were determined enough to read this article to the end, why not join the personal branding and social media marketing mastermind group! I would love to have you!

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