how to close more leads

how to close more leads

Believe it or not, people aren’t flocking to us, begging to become our clients. But man, would that be nice! When someone contacts you, the likelihood is that they have contacted several others who do the same thing you do. The one that contacts the lead the first, is normally the one that closes the lead.


It’s all about catching your prospect while their excitement is high!


When a person contacts you, they are very excited. Their mindset is on the target. Let’s say you run a Cross Fit gym. A lead comes in with someone interested. Their mindset is all on their newfound idea of joining Cross Fit. They are excited and ready to go. If you let 2 hours go by, there is a good chance they have changed their minds. Maybe they should join 24 our fitness and hire a personal trainer. Maybe they should go a different route, what else is out there. Who am I to think I can do Cross Fit.


You only have 15 minutes


Have you ever had an idea, acted on it, then waited a day or two to get an answer? Let’s say you got this crazy idea you wanted to move and buy a house. You search the web, you see a great house and you send in your request to the realtor. Then 2 days go by until the realtor calls you back. By that time, you’ve either decided to stay where you are, or moved on to a different house.

Now imagine the same scenario where the realtor calls you back within 15 minutes. You are still excited about the house, it looks amazing, it’s in the area you want, and you want to look at it asap! The realtor sets it up, you look, fall in love and before you know it, you are sitting at your closing signing up for a 30-year loan.

If you call your leads back within 15 minutes, you are much more likely to close the sale!

According to Harvard business review you are 7 times more likely to close the sale if you respond within an hour. In their review there was an alarming amount of businesses that responded after 24 hours and some not at all!

how to close more leads

Earlier this year I got myself all excited about renting out an office space. So far, I’ve worked from home. I was very excited about it. I went online and searched. I sent over 10 requests to view an office. Out of those, 2 responded back, and out of those 2 it took up to a week.

In one case, I drove past a building that had a banner outside with a phone number. I liked the location, I pulled over, so I could call. I went through a big funnel of, let me transfer you to so and so until I got a voicemail. I left my voicemail and a few days later I got a response. I felt very deflated.

Needless to say, I ditched the idea and I’m now happy in my home office. I got so frustrated over the lack of communication, the inadequacy of responding to me that I got mad. Now my brain associates an outside office space with a bad feeling. Who knew, it was so difficult to get a call back to lease an office space.

To summarize. If someone is gracious enough to want to work with you. Give them the decency to call them back in a timely manner!

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