How to build your email list 3X faster

Even if you have 0 on your list right now

The formula to build up an email list is fairly simple. Put together a great lead magnet, then market it. And yet, most of us fail when it comes to that. Turns out, putting together the perfect lead magnet is harder than it sounds!

If you have ever participated in Amy Porterfield’s free workshops, she offers the same formula. Great lead magnet that people get so excited about, they are willing to give you their email address. Every workshop you participate in that teaches you how to build an email list, every article you read, will tell you the same thing. Lead magnet that is so good that people don’t mind giving you their name and email.

Every single one of those workshops, articles, podcasts and whathaveyou failed to mention one thing. One important thing. People are getting stingier and stingier with their email addresses and they will not jump through hoops to get your freebie unless you are already a big name like Amy Porterfield.

Stay with me here. If you see an ad from someone you don’t know, how do you feel about giving them your email address, even though the offer speaks to you?

You’d have to click on the link, get off the platform to their website, type your name, type your email address in, then go to your email inbox to confirm, hit reload to get the freebie, wait a little bit for things to work, hit reload again because your patience is running out, and finally! It’s there!

You’ve been there, haven’t you? That’s how it looks like when we are excited about a lead magnet and we will go through the effort when we know the person who is giving it out.

Now imagine you see an ad from someone you know. The lead magnet is very tempting, but the thought of putting your name on yet another email list and going through the whole effort of getting it, just sounds like too much.


It’s not enough to have the perfect lead magnet anymore if you aren’t a big name yet.


So, how do you build up an email list, when you aren’t well known yet. And yes, I’m saying yet, because I know you are one tiny step away from being the biggest thing out there!


You stay cutting edge. Make sure that your lead magnet is point on, and that the way they sign up to your list, is easy! People don’t jump through hoops for those they don’t know just yet. That comes later.


Here’s how you build your list from zero:


Step 1: You nail down your ideal client

Step 2: You research your ideal client

Step 3: You extract the biggest pain point from your ideal client to make the perfect freebie

Step 4: You splatter your freebie all over the internet using messenger bots.


Messenger bots are right now the easiest way to build a list because they are hassle free. You are a few clicks away from that amazing freebie you want.


Here’s how they work:


You see an offer for this amazing freebie you would like to get, and you see a note that says, get the freebie delivered directly into your Facebook messenger.

You click the button

Your Facebook messenger pops open

You click to confirm you want the freebie

You then click to download the freebie


That’s it.


Now imagine you are on the phone and all you are doing is clicking. See how much easier it is than the traditional way? On top of that, you built two lists, your email list and your messenger bot list. So if they never confirmed their email to get your freebie, you can remind them later.


On top of that, you can build up a relationship inside the messenger bot. That’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Building a relationship is one of the most important things you do when building an audience.


You can catch them right there, inside messenger, instead of hoping they open your email for the relationship building process. After all, messenger bots have 80-90% opening rate vs 20% average opening rate for emails.


Let me walk you through the relationship building process as well. Let’s say someone signed up to your email list, which puts them into an automated email series where you send an email every day over the next 7 days.

You have about 20% chance that they will open the follow-up email.


Now let’s imagine someone downloaded your freebie on your messenger bot. Right after they clicked the link to download your freebie, you follow up with a message where you ask, would you like to learn more? All they need to do is click yes, and you keep up the conversation, building a relationship in less than 5 minutes.


The world is changing, and we need to change and evolve with it.


The opportunities are endless with messenger bots. You can put a link on your website, put it on your Facebook page, offer people to join your list using Facebook comments or even create a link that goes straight to your messenger bot.


It is your turn. Your time to shine! Join me for a free workshop where I will take you on a step by step journey where you will learn to create the perfect lead magnet and then market it using messenger bots!

You can sign up directly inside Facebook messenger, just click Get Started when prompted.

See you there!

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