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Anyone can run Facebook ads. All you must do is watch a couple of videos on YouTube and you know how to do it. I bet you are here because you’ve tried to run ads yourself without much luck. You might wonder why your competitor is successful at it, but you aren’t. After all you followed the video exactly that claimed you only need this one method to run a successful ad.


It’s not your fault!!


You have every guru out there telling you that this one secret will make you rich. Buy my class and I’ll teach you exactly how I made 7 figures in 2 months’! (Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but close). I’m here to tell you, they are all wrong!


There is no one funnel, one secret, one magic way to make money!


Why? Because every business is different. With different client’s needs and wants. Different demographic and different product. You might think I sell the same service as the next digital agency. I don’t. I’m unique, and I offer my own unique views and strategies to get you the results that you want.


Ok, Vala, I’m with you, there is no one secret, so what is it then?


I’m going to contradict myself a little bit. There is ONE big secret that all businesses share. Master this one, and you’ll become wildly successful. I’ll even share the secret with you, as it’s not so much of a secret but a fact. Know who your client is. Know how to speak their language, appeal to their weaknesses and strengths and solve their problems. Everything comes down to this! Once you know who you want to appeal to, you can come up with a strong strategy on how to reach them.


I know it’s hard to come up with your ideal client, your persona. It’s one of the hardest things I did in my business. But when I did, I started to see a huge difference in my business. I started to make more money as I wasn’t attracting the penny pinchers. My main advice on how to figure out your ideal client is to come up with a character you want to serve. How do you want your client to be? You two must connect so it makes sense to come up with a persona that shares a lot of your interests and values.


Vala, you are rambling, get to the good stuff. How do I create a strategy that will reach my ideal client?


Ok fine, I’ll get to the good stuff. As you might have figured out, there is no magic way. So instead of telling you this crazy one secret that will make you a billionaire, I’ll give you 3 ways to integrate organic traffic with your paid traffic.


1 – Video’s


There is no secret I love videos. Facebook loves them too. They want to kick YouTube’s butt!


Let’s say you are selling access to a group program. It can be anything. Weight loss program go through menopause naturally program, whatever it is, you have a group program.

Here’s your strategy (hint, it’s very simple it just takes patience)

  1. Commit to making 1 video per week (1 per day if you are able to and, in a hurry, to launch). There is no sales speech in this video. It’s just pure quality content. You are giving away gold in this video.
  2. Make the video 2 minutes max, even better if you can keep them at 1 minute so you can post them on Instagram too.
  3. Transcribe the video. When you post a video to Facebook, they offer an automatic transcribing option. You can then edit where they went wrong. The clearer you speak, the less you have to correct.
  4. Post it on your business page.
  5. Pay Facebook to run the video as an ad directed to your cold audience. Again, no sales are happening here, just pure quality content.
  6. Let it go for a while!
  7. Once you have a good amount of 10 seconds views on all your videos or even better 25% or more watched it’s time to re-target and put phase 2 in place.
  8. Create another video with an invitation to your sales webinar/video series. This is where you collect their email address. You aren’t giving away a lousy pdf file. You are giving away 7 video series on how to ________________

You offer immediate access to all the videos for $37 (low number) or you can get it for free if you wait 2 weeks, then you get one video per day for one whole week. This method will give you some of your advertising money back, not all of it, but some.

  1. You now have a phenomenal email list. All that know you and love you. Why? You did something your competitors aren’t doing. You gave something away they would charge for! This makes you stand out, gain trust and loyalty. They talk about you, share your stuff and your free video series is starting to grow organically.
  2. You nurture your email list, and this is where you are now able to ask for the sale. On top of that, you re-target those that watched your free video series on Facebook with a final sales video.


Here’s what happens. You are only targeting those on Facebook that are the most interested in purchasing your product which will result in much lower ad cost. You will spend half the money your competitors do and get double the results. You leveraged organic growth with paid ads.


2 – Social media


For this to work you must know where your audience hangs out. In this example I’m going to use Facebook or Instagram. Same method works for both.

In this scenario you are selling a product. Something unique and handmade and you sell it through Facebook.


  1. You need to commit to posting once per day on the media of your choice. Or do both Facebook and Instagram if your audience is on both.
  2. Decide on a common theme of your photos you are about to post. This could be photos of you, photos with a special color in it, same environment etc. It needs to have a hidden signature, something that people immediately recognize is yours when they see the photo. I’m a big fan of putting YOU into the photo. The best way to connect with your audience.
  3. Photo day! Let’s say you are selling organic skin products, and you decided you are the main brand as the creator of the product. You take about 90 photos with a variation of you with your products. Get creative, have fun with it. It will be tough, but if you make it to 90 photos you can rotate them throughout the year.
  4. Come up with a post schedule. Once per day, each day has a different theme. Monday’s can be about lotions, Tuesdays can be about lip balms etc. Every day has its own theme. You can even do a DIY thread.
  5. It’s time to spend a full day writing. Or less if you are good at it. A post like this: “I loved making this lotion, it was so much fun” is rubbish, crap, nobody cares. Instead post something like this: “As a mother I’m constantly washing my hands. I seem to spend my days wiping butts, noses and other gross body fluids. It’s amazing the gross things that come out of children isn’t it!? I used to suffer from chronic dry skin, and then yelp in pain at night when I finally had time to apply lotion on my hands. Has anyone been there? Today my hands are as smooth as my babies’ butts (heck, they are even smoother) after I started using my fully handmade organic hand lotion”In the later example you are speaking to a specific audience. And yes, you guessed it, it’s mothers with dry hands. You tell a story, you relate with them, they’ve been there, they are there, and they want the dry hands to stop. Good copywriting is key to the social media method.
  6. Schedule your posts. One per day, not more, not less. You don’t want to spam your audience. If you are on Facebook, schedule it through Facebook, it works the best. If you are using Instagram, you can use a tool like Planoly and it’s free!
  7. Use hashtags on Instagram (they are useless on Fb). Make sure to do your research. Click here to read an article on how to do hashtag research. Use the same hashtags every day. Don’t spread around. You want people to get to know you, they can’t if you are hashtag hopping.
  8. Do this for a while, build up your audience. You ideally want to reach 2K audience on either one.
  9. To help your growth you should go live once a week. Create a little DIY video or something that directly applies to your product. Facebook loves live videos and so does Instagram. They give it great organic reach.
  10. Share your posts and videos to your personal profile, ask your family and friends to share.
  11. Create an ad on Facebook and re-target those that have interacted with your social media posts. They are all warm audience. You’ve spent a long time nurturing them. You did the hard work!


This method takes time if you are doing it purely organic. It’s a great place to start when you have a very low budget. But be consistent.


3 – Website visitors


This method requires you to have a great website and to do SEO. This method is great for a local business like a chiropractor. Let’s assume you are one! You do need to combine this method with other mediums.

You have a wonderful website and you are on google maps. You are a per need business which is great!


  1. You must install the Facebook pixel. This is a little code that tracks each visitor to your website. It tracks how long they stay, what their interests are on your site, and it can even track if they tried to schedule an online appointment and either did or did not make it to the thank you page. You can get very detailed here!
  2. You need to post regularly on your website. Blogging is the ideal method here. With coming up with fresh content you are not only pushing out new keywords but telling google you are active and relevant. I suggest at least once per week.
  3. Today is content creation day. You come up with 12 blog topics.
  4. Today is writing day. You’ll spend the whole day writing about the topics you chose the day before. Schedule them to post the same day every week.
  5. Today you write 12 emails and schedule them out as well. Each email points to your blog content. The emails should be scheduled to come out at the same time as your blog does. Get the traffic there while it’s fresh.
  6. Write an extra article and submit to an online magazine that is relevant to your field and is ideally local. If your article does get accepted, make sure to gather email addresses for your newsletter and point them to your website.
  7. Join networking events, apply to be a speaker. Offer people a special if they schedule an appointment through your website with a special code.
  8. Once your website has started generating a good amount of traffic it’s time to run Facebook ads. You re-target previous website visitors. Warm audience, they already know you. Make sure they get a nice offer to come in and see you.


There are many creative ways to mix organic growth with paid ads. In order to do this well, you must know your end goal from the beginning. Start at the end if you’d like. Start with your goal, then work your way backwards. When you send out ads to an audience that already knows you and has a connection with you, they are much more likely to buy. Making each lead cost much cheaper!


Every time you put effort into something like building a social media channel, you should have an end goal in mind that will give you a return on your investment because your time is worth money.


With me, you get a strategist a manager and a consultant all in one. I will train you on how to do your part as you are unique. Your voice should shine through your content. I come up with your strategy and manage your ads when we get there. You will spend half as much with me as other digital agencies. Click the button below to schedule a free strategy call!

And of course join the free mastermind on social media marketing so we can get to know you even better!

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