Facebook Real Estate Ads
Facebook Real Estate Ads

the cheapest way to market

I bet you are here because you want to give this Facebook real estate ads a go. Or you have been at it for a while with no traction. This year (2018) there are over 1.47 billion users on Facebook every single day. This is their daily traffic. What does that mean to you as a real estate agent who is location based? It means, that the people all around the area you are selling, are extremely likely to be on Facebook! And it is by far the cheapest way to reach thousands of people within 10 miles of your target area.


Before I go further, I want to talk about inbound and outbound marketing. If you haven’t heard the terms before, don’t worry. Most likely you have been taught to use outbound marketing as that’s what is the most common amongst realtors.


Outbound marketing


This is a very impersonal approach to marketing. Outbound marketing as an example involves cold calling, mailers, magazine ads, billboards, bus benches and TV/Radio advertisements. It’s a hail Mary, throw your name out there and hope someone will call.


Inbound marketing


Inbound marketing involves content marketing, blogs, events, social media, SEO and more. The core of inbound marketing is to form a relationship with your client with earning their attention. Using this method, you have to create valuable content, listen to your audience and connect with them.


Let’s take two examples, Mary who uses outbound marketing and Jill who uses inbound marketing:


Mary is a realtor (pun fully intended) and has been doing alright for the last decade. She has built up a business through outbound marketing and networking. But something happened in the last 2 years. Her incoming leads have slowed down, and she is having to increase her marketing budget. After all, she purchases a full page in a local magazine that reaches 25.000 people for only $1500 a month, a method that used to get her 10 calls per month but is now only giving her 2 calls. Neither set up an appointment.

Jill is also a realtor and has the same history, except a couple of years ago she embraced social media. She specializes in the housing community in the foothills of Colorado. She knows her clientele are mostly professionals in their upper 30’s and mid 40’s with children. They seek to live in the foothills to be closer to nature and to get out of the city.

Jill started a Facebook group called Family friendly hikes in the foothills. She has now grown to over 5000 members in the group. She gets constant referrals from her Facebook group. On top of that, she runs Facebook ads. She created a nice brochure of various options for home buyers in exchange for their name, email and phone number. She has a reach of 50.000 and receives about 5 leads per day and spends under $300 a month. Out of those 150 monthly leads, she closed 15 of them. Jill is the highest performing agent at her agency.

Which agent are you currently?


Outbound marketing has been used for decades by large corporations. They have ruined it for us small business owners who don’t even have a fraction of their marketing budget. We have been bombarded with commercials and advertisements no matter what direction we look at. People in general hate it.

Inbound marketing is tougher. You must be creative and come up with valuable content tailored to your audience. It takes more effort, patience and resilience. Yet, those that succeed are highly successful and have reached the point where they don’t have to find clients, they come to them. And yes, you must learn social media. As I pointed out earlier, over 1.47 billion are on Facebook alone every single day. Market where the people are.


Now that you understand why you should market on Facebook, let’s look at how.


I am a firm believer in give some, take some. I have seen a Facebook ad that said “Hi, I’m a nice guy, I’m also a good realtor. Please enter your information so I can call you”. Someone paid for that ad. That’s a waste of money. You can’t tell people you’ve never meet that you are super-duper nice, so they should give you their information.

Instead you create lead magnets. Something that is valuable to your audience. If you specialize in water-front homes, then make a list of 10 Newly Renovated Water-Front homes under 800K. Use canva to make the brochure look professional and pleasing to the eye. Then you create a lead generation ad on Facebook to gather their name, phone and email. Then the moment the lead comes in, you give them a call and schedule a showing for one of the properties from the brochure you made. It’s not going to take you long to sell those 10 properties.


Here’s why it works


Searching for a home is overwhelming. Going on realtor.com or Zillow gives you a massive list of homes to look at. When you feel overwhelmed you feel anxious. Not good feelings when searching for a house. I wonder how many people put a pin in their search as it’s not a pleasant experience for them.

To avoid this feeling, you give them a much more attainable list. You narrowed three of their requirements. They are looking for waterfront homes that are move-in ready under 800K. You take a huge burden of their shoulders with providing them that list. They can now browse through the 10 homes and make a much easier decision.

Mindset is everything. A positive mind is more likely to purchase than a negative one. Creating Facebook real estate ads, the correct way will skyrocket your sales. You will be like Jill who is the highest performing agent in her company.

Before you leave, why not join the mastermind where we talk about social media marketing and personal branding every single day.

As a gift, here is a free list of 15 lead magnet ideas for realtors to use in Facebook ads.
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