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Last year in my photography business (2018) I ran an ad and spent $20. It was an ad to cold audience offering them to book a photo session. My return was around $2800. That’s incredible amount of profit from a low advertising budget. Then shit hit the fan, and this wasn’t possible anymore. But it doesn’t keep people from trying!


Things changed right around when 2019 hit. And it changed big time. I was running an ad campaign for a local business and couldn’t understand why my leads were double the price they normally were. I started panicking, wondering what was wrong with my ad. We simply weren’t getting the results I would normally get. I had previously run ads for other local businesses that worked out wonderful for less budget than this one. And they got nice results. But something had changed. Ad cost was going up. Everyone in my industry were complaining about the same thing. Lack of results, and high leads cost. I went into research mode!


Gary V has made the prediction that soon enough the cost of leads will be $80. This means that small businesses that don’t sell high ticket items, are excluded from being able to run ads on Facebook. My mentor talked about the trend of Facebook ads cost in her recent podcast. The age of running cheap ads and getting quick return is over.


What now?


We all want quick results. We live in an instant result world where all you have to do is to ask Alexa to order you a pizza, or ask Alexa, what’s the weather like. We google our questions and go to YouTube to learn a new skill. This is why ads with headlines such as “How I went from 0 – 10K in one month” or “Exact blueprint on how I built my business from 0 – 6 figures in 3 months” work on so many people.

The fine line is to make you believe that you can get income fast as we are all strapped for money at the beginning of our business. Ideally, we don’t want to invest a dime into our business, which really is a material for a whole new article on why that is the beginning of your failure. Oh, and all those methods involve you spamming either friends and family or strangers. An act that can ruin your reputation.


It takes patience and resilience


Those that have those qualities for their business are the ones who have and will succeed. Quick results don’t work. Most of them require you to hassle your friends and family or to friend a bunch of people on social networks and spam them with a message until someone is gullible enough to buy. People hate that, and it puts a mark on your reputation.

In order to get great results with Facebook ads, you need to build up organically before you even dish out a dime. The key is in re-targeting. It isn’t as difficult as you might think, and you really only need a strong strategy to get your results. Re-targeting also means lower cost per lead.

Most businesses fail with ads or with organic social media campaigns as they are constantly trying to sell to cold audience. We buy from people we know and trust, not strangers. You have to earn your clients trust before you can ask for the sale.

What re-targeting does, is that it takes your warm and hot audience, people that already know, like and trust you, and turn them into clients. It is much easier to sell to someone who already likes you. Think of it as selling your product to your mama instead of the stranger you meet at the park. Here are some strong Facebook advertising tips.


What can you re-target?


Re-targeting and custom audience are the mecca of Facebook ads. This is also why a lot of marketing agencies will not work with small businesses as they don’t have a plan in place that will make their job easier. You need to lay the groundwork before you can run ads. Especially in today’s world.


Your Website


Website visitors is one. In order to do this, you must have the Facebook pixel installed on your website and continuously create top level content on your website. Then you use organic or paid strategies to drive traffic to your website from social media.




You have probably heard it by now. Video’s is a must for all businesses. This is your best option if you don’t have a strong online or website community. You can’t re-target the 100 visitors you had last month on your website, that audience size is too small. Instead you make a great video, post it on your Facebook page, then run an ad for it. It’s not a sales video, it’s pure content and value. Then you can re-target those that watched at least 25% of your video or even more if you got great results. Think of the first video as an introduction on who you are, the second video is an invitation to have coffee together.

Don’t get me wrong, running two ads is not enough, you need a whole series to succeed at this, and you need a bigger budget than for other strategies. But this method is successful if done right.




You can re-target your Instagram fans. If they visited or interacted with your profile or ad on Instagram, you can run a re-targeting ad to reach them. Again, these are people that know you and like you enough to interact with your profile. This is not an instant result. You need to build up a strong Instagram community before you can run ads to them. Getting engagement is essential for this strategy to work!


Facebook events


If you run events, you can re-target those that interacted with your previous events. Again, you cannot re-target a small number, it has to be in 4 figures to work. And it correlates with our next one.


Facebook page


If you have a strong Facebook page audience, you can create custom audience from your followers and those that have interacted with your page. You have probably heard that Facebook made this impossible to do without paying for it with one of their algorithm updates. This is true, it is very hard to build up a Facebook page organically. You will need to run basics ads to build up your audience here that do not involve any type of sales message. There are strategies in place of which you can build this up and do it successfully, it takes a bit of budget to do so.


Email list


If you have a big email list, you can download the whole list into Facebook ads and run an ad to them. Again, your list of 50 people isn’t going to cut it. You need a large list. This ad campaign tends to be very successful as those on your list, tend to be warm and hot audience. Especially today when email lists are so saturated. Make sure to nurture your list with great high value content regularly.


There are other methods I’m not going to go into too much, such as lead ads, instant experience and apps. But there is no doubt that re-targeting ads are the winners of the marketing world. Building up and preparing beforehand is essential.


Social media marketing strategy


You need a strong social media marketing strategy, and you need to stick to it! What is your client’s journey? How big of a nudge do they need before they buy? It normally doesn’t happen right away. Facebook announced that they are moving to messenger and groups. As of today, you cannot re-target your bot list or group members, but I suspect it’s coming. Facebook is free to use, and we pay for it with our privacy. If the feed is dead, there has to be another way for advertisers to make Facebook money.

So, think about your client’s journey. Let me give you an example of a client’s journey for a website re-targeting campaign. How will we find them, aka cold audience and nurture them down our funnel?

Step number one is always knowing your ideal client. Who is your target audience, what is their biggest pain point? Focus on that, then make high value articles on their pain point.

Step two is to have a strong website design. No clutter and easy to find and shift through your information.

Step three is to make sure you make your article titles with SEO keywords in mind. Read this to learn how to create strong blog content that will be searchable.

Step four is to drive traffic to your blog. This can be done in several different ways. You can use Pinterest, twitter, Linked-in or Facebook. You can guest blog elsewhere, answer questions on Quora, write on Medium and much more. Don’t panic here, you don’t do all of this, it all depends on your target audience what method is right for you.

Step five paid marketing. You can create dynamic ad on Facebook where you let people swipe through your article content. You aren’t selling anything at this point, you are just offering them great content to read.

Step six is to make sure that your blog content has a secondary call to action. It can be an offer to join your Facebook group, like your Facebook page, join your email list through a freebie or connect with you on Linked-in. You can even offer them to join your messenger bot (which I highly suggest).

Step seven rinse and repeat, do this for a while until your website visitor number reaches 4 figures per month. Keep giving value, keep up with your PR where you guest blog or are a guest on a podcast. Engage on social media, nurture your audience and give value.

Step eight it is time to re-target your website visitors. You run an ad to your visitors that can be to join your webinar or to offer them another freebie such as a free video series. You are making sure that your warm audience becomes nice and toasty. This is where the sale happens. Further value given, then you offer them to join your class, buy your service or whatever it is that you are selling.

This is a client’s journey. They find you, like you, love you and buy from you. It is not a quick process by any means. But if you do the work, you will set up your business for long term success.


Confused – no problem


If you are confused at this point, and not sure what route you need to take, don’t worry. This is my superpower. I help small businesses and online entrepreneurs to come up with a comprehensive marketing strategy that sets you up for long term success. I don’t promise you to get a client within the first week. This is a notorious sales strategy that so many promise (and always involves spamming people). I do on the other hand promise, that you will outlive your competitors and be successful in the long term. 10 years from now, you will be much more likely to be a 7 figure business than those that go for instant results.

Join the mastermind on Facebook on how to reach your ideal client through social media, we would love to have you!

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