How would your business change if you added 1000 people to your email list in 30 days?
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Create the perfect lead magnet and build your list using messenger bots.

In only 5 days you will learn how to create the perfect lead magnet to grow your list and get more clients all within Facebook messenger. This is a free training tailored towards online entrepreneurs who are looking to use the most effective method when it comes to list building.

At the end of the 5 day free training you will have an amazing lead magnet ready and the knowledge on how to market it using messenger bot to collect email leads!

Right now, very few are using the combination of building two lists at the same time. You can be one of the early adapters if you join this free online training!

Building an email list is hard. So hard that your lead magnet needs to be on point in order for your audience to sign up to yet another email list.

With combining messenger bot with your email list you can grow your list 3x faster than if you went the traditional method, and it is cheaper!

Join me for the free online training where I will take you on a step by step journey of creating the perfect lead magnet and then how to market it!

October 14: Learn what they want – the topic of your lead magnet

October 15: How to research your audience

October 16: How to structure your lead magnet

October 17: What type of lead magnet is right for you

October 18: Now that you have your lead magnet ready, it’s time to market it!

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