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How to reach your ideal client through content marketing

Blogging is a great way to do content marketing for small business owners. But figuring out what to write about can be hell on earth! Even though you are an expert in your field, there are so many options to choose from! Mindfully coming up with blog ideas will increase your visibility and authority in your field.


In this article, we will cover:


  • What tools to use to select your blog topics
  • How to come up with blog ideas that reaches your ideal client
  • How to increase your visibility


After all, you don’t want to create content blindly and then pray to the internet Gods that someone will find your article. Preferably your ideal client! But if you mindfully create content with your ideal client in mind, with the strategy of them finding you, that’s a whole different game!


What tools to use to select your topic?


Creating content mindfully requires help. Thankfully there are free tools out there that will help you figure out exactly what people are actually searching for. Not what you wish they searched for. Use these to come up with blog ideas that will get you on the map!


Keywords Everywhere


Keywords everywhere is a plugin for chrome. It shows you how many monthly searches are for each search term. On top of that, it gives you other ideas along with the data to go with it! Data is a wonderful thing to have!

Let’s say you are a dog trainer. One of your client’s biggest complaints are how to potty train their dogs. Going by someone’s advice, you wrote 10 tips to potty train your puppy. Let’s see how that search term is performing

Zero, nil, nada! As great of a title it is, it’s not a searchable term. But if you look to the side, the suggestions keywords everywhere gave us is How to potty train a puppy fast, or how to potty train an older dog. OK! You now have a much better topic. Let’s take this even further. Let’s say you go with How to potty train a puppy fast. Now let’s combine it with our next tool!


Google Keyword Planner


You must sign up to Google Ads to use the keyword planner. Once you do, you can click on tools – planning – keyword planner. Then select find new keywords and enter in “How to potty train a puppy fast” and click get started. You should get something like this

Notice in the top left bar you can select locations. If you are a local trainer you should set your service area. If you are a virtual business, then set the areas where you want to be found at. This could be United States, or Europe or your state. I decided our hypothetical dog trainer offers online group classes, so I set the location to United States.

The next thing I want you to pay attention to is the Competition column. You want this option to be at low. Medium and high means there is a lot tougher competition.

After that, I want you to pay attention to average monthly searches. Notice how the “How to potty train a dog” has 10K – 100K average monthly searches and low competition. You just found yourself an even better keyword!


Yoast WordPress Plugin


If you operate on a WordPress website the Yoast plugin is essential. It is by far the best, free, SEO plugin you can find. You enter in your keywords there, and it tells you the steps on how to make it rank better. It’s incredibly simple to use. You can set the keyword to be How to potty train a dog and then add what’s called long tail keyword to it. “How to potty train a dog in 7 easy steps” or “How to potty train a dog fast”. Make sure to add additional keywords into the copy such as puppy and even an older dog. You already know that people are searching for it. Make it a long epic article and cover puppy pads, puppy pee stones and more.


How to come up with blog ideas that reaches your ideal client


In order to answer this question, you need to know in detail who your ideal client is. Make a list of their pain points. What are they struggling with? Listen in on Facebook groups, go to Amazon and look up books related to your topic and then read the 1, 2- and 3-star reviews and see what people are saying. Go to YouTube and read comments on videos related to your topic and see what they are missing. Make a list of their pain points.

Let’s keep going with our dog trainer example. The pain points could be something like this:

  • How to potty train your puppy
  • How to get your dog to stop barking
  • Reactive dogs to other dogs or people
  • Dogs that nip at your kids
  • How to get your dog walk nice on a leash without a choke collar
  • How to teach your dog recall
  • How to calm an anxious dog
  • How to get your dog to stop eating your sofa


Just to name a few! You now have a lot of blog ideas to work with. All that will capture your ideal client’s attention. Understanding your ideal client’s needs and wants helps you figure out your topics. Then take each one of these, and use the tools mentioned above.


How to increase your visibility


You have figured out the most effective topics for SEO and how to reach your ideal client, but how do you increase your visibility. If you google some of those topics you can see that the top articles are by companies that you will never outrank such as Pets.webmd and purina. You don’t have their budget and the resources they have. Here are a couple of tricks to help increase your visibility.


Pinterest is a highly underestimated search engine. Create a beautiful pin that links back to your article. Join group boards and be active on Pinterest. 250 million people use Pinterest every day.  Most use it as a search engine for ideas or to purchase something.


YouTube is the second largest search engine and is owned by google. Create a video from your blog content. It doubles the reach! A lot of businesses are offering you to either read about it or watch a video about their content.

Social Media

Having a strong social media presence helps bring traffic to your blog posts. Find a place to nurture your audience, then share the article with them. Spread it around wherever you are active. Even if you aren’t very active, you can share a link on Twitter with well selected hashtags. Share it to your personal Facebook page, ask friends and family to share or tag someone who could use the tips. Get creative but be aware that there is a fine line between being creative and annoying!

Email list

If you have built up an email list, you want to give them your article to read. You can even make a list of your top 3 blog posts to read each time you send out a mail. Building an email list is essential in today’s marketing world!

Messaging apps

Messaging apps are coming in strong this year. You can build a list of people in the same way as you built your email list, then announce to them every time you drop new content. Just keep in mind that most people don’t want to be bothered all the time, so infrequent use is better and short form content. A simple message as: Would you like a link to the latest article on how to potty train a dog?

Facebook groups

If the Facebook groups you are in allow you to share articles you wrote, then share away. Make sure to read the rules for each group. Again, we are not trying to piss anyone off or step on anyone’s toes. It might feel like tooting your own horn, just keep in mind you are helping other people. Nobody likes puppy pee on their floor!


In conclusion


Coming up with blog ideas is at the same time easy and complicated. Thankfully most of your competitors aren’t doing the work. Aren’t researching what will bring them results. You are already a step ahead. Congratulate yourself for this. Reward yourself even. Have a cup of tea, piece of chocolate (or whatever normal people do to celebrate).


Who am I?

Vala Vincent is a social media coach and Facebook ads manager. I help small business owners take charge of their social media and use it with the purpose of reaching your ideal client. Client’s are getting harder to attain, we can’t put out a sales post that converts to a sale anymore. Not even with Facebook ads. You must find what your client’s journey is, then optimize your social media performance with that path in mind. It is more likely to be a 5 step or more journey such as this: They find you on Instagram which leads them to your freebie which leads them to your email list which leads them to your podcast which results in a purchase. Getting the sale takes a lot more convincing today than it used to!

If you are interested in a free strategy call, click here to set down a time and date! I look forward to hearing from you!

And of course, join the Facebook community where engaged small business owners like you are interested in reaching their ideal clients on social media.

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