I’m Vala.

I am a social media marketing coach helping online entrepreneurs & small business owners build an audience and make more money online.

I’m a wife, mom, dog owner, feminist and a total nerd!

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  • Social media hasn’t worked for you yet.

  • You aren’t sure how to get sales from your posts or how others do it.

  • You are scared or intimidated by all the ‘tech’ stuff you should be learning.

  • You have no idea how to come up with content consistently for social media.

  • You are confused on which social media platform you should be, or maybe you are trying to be on all of the platforms and it is sucking the life out of you.

  • You don’t know how to build your personal brand and deliver your message on social media.

  • Created a freebie with little to no results and perhaps wasted a lot of money on Facebook ads.

  • You attract the wrong client on social media.

  • You aren’t building a list using social media.

  • You don’t know how to identify your ideal client (target audience).

“I was unsure on working with a coach, but I started following you and your posts speak to me. When can we chat?”

This is a message my client received. She works in a very crowded space with a lot of competition. Not only did she stand out, but she spoke to her ideal client.


You are an expert. You are great at what you do, the problem, how to express your skill to others without feeling pushy or salesy. I use methods that builds your personal brand and gets you clients without ever really having to sell. I promote a method that is heavily focused on building a connection and a relationship with your audience.


Every single one of my clients are unique with goals. I work with you one on one, once a week through video chat on your plan, your goals that match exactly what you need and want. I would love to hear what it is that you are wanting to do in the world, how you want to make a difference.


If any of this sounds familiar, and you want to explore getting the help you need, let’s chat. Click here to set up an appointment for a complimentary chat.

When I first started working with Vala I had a huge block around writing. Creating content did not come easy to me. Now I feel much more confident in providing content and posting on a regular basis. Using social media as a marketing tool finally makes sense to me. I feel like I have a strategy in place that helps me attract clients consistently. Most importantly, I now know what to focus on and how to get stuff done in less time. Before I had this strategy in place, I spent about 80% of my time marketing. Now I can spend 80% of my time working with clients. If you want your business to thrive, work with Vala.
Testimonial by Martina Felderman
Martina Felderman
Leadership & Career Coach
Vala did a great job at helping me reach specific target markets though social media advertising. She was a great help and did a wonderful job at helping me reach people in a way I didn't know how to on my own. Vala is definitely someone that I would recommend and use again!
Testimonial by Meghan Pardee
Meghan Pardee
The Barre Pointe